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8 Reasons to BBQ in the Fall

Matawan World of Gardening wants their Middlesex County customers to see the potential in fall season grilling.

Fall is just around the corner. Cooler mornings, sweater evenings and changing colors. The great thing about fall is that you don’t have let the chill in the air keep you from using your grill.

Going down the list of reasons to keep that grill out for the fall and even into the winter season, it’s easy to see that all can be the best time of the year. Whether it’s to hone those grilling skills or just to grill up a quick dinner after a long day at work, bringing family and friends together for a Sunday game day feast or take the grill on the road for a tailgate party, fall is maybe the best month to grill!

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1. Hear The Quiet? No Bugs!

The milder temperature is a welcome relief from summer’s scorching temperatures. And summer’s heat brings around a lot of unwelcome bugs. In the fall you can enjoy that evening barbecue with friends without pesky wasps and bees.

This also means less bug bites to worry about and no need to be spraying bug spray and worrying about it getting on clothing and more importantly, food.

While summer picnics and outdoor meals are inarguably a favorite of everyone fall cookouts also mean gatherings without pests trying to get at your food. Why not enjoy it and extend your season!

2. Feel The Warmth By The Fire And A Patio Heater!

Because fall weather is cooler, it’s important to preheat the barbecue when grilling because you’ll be starting with a colder grill. If it’s an evening grill, that warm fire and flame is a welcome relief to the cool winds. Also as days get shorter, the warmth of a fire’s glow (keep that fire pit going too) helps encourage relaxation.

Create a warm atmosphere in an outdoor setting with a portable patio heater and extend your summer while enjoying the fall.

Bring that joy of outdoor cooking and family gatherings into the autumn season. Cozy sweaters, warm fires, fall’s harvest and good friends and family will make the effort worthwhile.

3. See The Colors Of Fall In The Harvest Of Vegetables!

Autumn is harvest season. That means there’s a wide selection of vegetables and meats from autumn squashes to bourbon marinated chops and glazed chicken wings.
Golden rich squashes, caramelized pears, tomatillos, the colors are warm and rich and the flavors compare. 

4. Taste The flavors Autumn’s Harvest!

Think inside the grill. Fall cabbage, onions, Brussel sprouts, cabbage eggplant and even tomatoes and pears. Acorn squash is the perfect reason to break that grill around and takes just a few minutes on the grill and will delight your guests with a nutty, caramelized wedge of taste.

Why not keep that grill out for your Thanksgiving dinner! While you can do a turkey on the grill you might want to try something on a rotisserie such as roast. This will also free your stove and oven to prepare other side dishes and who doesn’t like extra space in the kitchen when preparing a holiday feast. 

5. Smell The Aromas Of Fall On The Grill!

There’s nothing like the smell of barbecue and on a crisp fall afternoon or evening it’s like a welcome home beacon. And adding sauces, jellies, marinades and wines and jams made with fall’s bounty and used on the meats and vegetables on the grill will pair perfectly with the smell of the crisp fall air and the dampness of the falling leaves.

Your senses will explode from what fall has to offer and what you can offer up on the grill. Caramelized pineapple and coconut, hickory smoked meats, smoky barbecue sauces, barbecued corn with harvest vegetables salsas or butters. Fill the air with a sensory of delights this autumn season. 

6. Robust Meals Are A Reason To Grill!

There is no reason you can’t cook a steak or pork loin on the grill in the fall. Burgers and hot dogs are standard summer fair but summer doesn’t own them. Bring back the taste of summer for a Sunday afternoon barbecue or tailgate party. Pork ribs and briskets are substantial meats. They make for a robust meal, perfect in cooler weather accompanied by charred apples.

7. Take Advantage Of Fall Grocery Store specials!

Your grocery store doesn’t want you to stop cooking out of doors. In fact, the store’s butcher is probably advertising some specialty cuts of meats at great prices that you can easily stock up on. Buy some extra, freeze them in a zippered plastic bag with a great marinade and throw in the fridge overnight to marinate for a welcome quick grilled meal on the barbecue the next day or freezer them and thaw overnight to have dinner ready in a flash on a busy weeknight. 

8. Let The Grill Do The Cooking For You For The Week!

Ok. It’s not quite that simple but with a little ingenuity you can spend less time thinking about dinner and more time enjoying supper.

If you’re firing up that grill it makes sense to cook a few extra things and freeze them so you have a ready cooked meal in the freezer.

Grill two marinated meats at time, one for dinner and cut the other for sandwiches the next day or throw in to a tortilla wrap or on top of a healthy salad for lunch. Freeze the extra sliced meat and on the weekend grab some of autumns’ vegetables, slice them up and grill them and make fajitas. With a little preparation and forethought you can literally have dinner in 15 minutes.

Take the guessing out of timing. If your grill allows you to have each side at a different temperature, grill your steak on one side at medium-high and get those autumn quash, sweet potatoes, eggplant, mushrooms and zucchinis on the other grilling at mid to medium low.

Your grill can take you from season to season to season to season. Become a master griller through your own experiments and enjoy every day of autumn grilling as much as you did summer grilling.


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