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Landscaping with Rocks

In addition to a beautiful interior design, your outdoor landscape is also important in creating an attractive and well balanced home. Among the variety of flowers, trees, shrubs, and other vegetation that homeowners use to adorn their yard, are decorative rocks and stones, otherwise known as landscape rock. These ornamental rocks and stones can be utilized throughout your yard for an assortment of purposes ranging from a decorative irrigation system, elegant fountains, or ornate gardens. Plus, because of the many types of landscaping rocks available for purchase, the number of design options that are available are almost endless! Viewing our 2016 gallery of landscaping with rocks and stones pictures is a great way to see some of the trendiest ways to incorporate this style into your outdoor design.


DIY homeowners have the option of purchasing either natural or fake landscape rocks, with the latter tending to be the less expensive option. Most natural rock prices range from $6 a cubic foot to up to $30 a cubic foot depending on the size, shape, and type that you purchase. Large rocks, such as flagstone and slate, cost on average $15-$20 per square foot, making them ideal for walkways, patios, and paths. In fact, flagstone is one of the best patio pavers available because it is naturally durable, flat, and comes in a multitude of colors such as white, blue and red making it easy to match any outdoor décor scheme. Many designers suggest using these larger rocks in your landscape edging ideas because their size makes them ideal for natural fences, retaining walls, and garden barriers.


Other decorative backyard landscape designs involving stones or rocks are incorporating these into ornamental gardens and pathways throughout your yard. You can utilize both natural and artificial rocks in these types of gardens to achieve an elegant, yet exotic scheme in your yard. For example, a Japanese rock garden ideas, one of the most popular uses of this type of landscaping, aims to incorporate a simple and serene atmosphere. A popular way to create this tranquil style is to lay ornamental black landscaping rock in a bed of sand, adorned with simple green plants, bushes or shrubs. Incorporate the calming effects an outdoor water fountain into your design and you will have created an elegant and serene Japanese themed garden.


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outdoor furniture Middlesex county