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Outdoor Furniture for sale in Middlesex County: Your Shopping Checklist

Outdoor living spaces have become as integral to home design as a family room or kitchen. The same care and diligence that go into purchasing furniture for the inside of your home should extend to your outdoor furniture selection as well. Because outdoor furniture is exposed to sun, rain and wind, it is even more important that the furniture be of the highest quality and durability to last for years to come. So remember to bring this outdoor furniture shopping checklist before you head to Matawan World of Gardening in Middlesex County.

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One way to ensure first-class quality furnishings is to select from a manufacturer that utilizes the right materials, pays attention to details, and has a reputation for distinctive outdoor furniture and accessories that stand the test of time. The details in each stage of construction are the key to providing quality outdoor furniture.


Durable materials are essential to ensuring quality outdoor furniture and the key to safeguarding your investment. When it comes to metal frames, aluminum is the material to look for. Aluminum does not rust, provided proper cleaning methods are followed, thereby guaranteeing years of satisfaction. As for fabrics, it’s so easy to be dazzled by the vast array of choices for colors and patterns. But, that means nothing if the fabrics are not specifically constructed for outdoor usage.


This is what outdoor living is all about: leisurely afternoons basking in the warm weather, abundant meals served al fresco, and cozy evenings gathered around a fire pit under the stars. Be sure to look for lasting comfort in the design of the furniture, as well as the generous cushions that accompany the pieces. Whether you’re trying a sofa, chaise lounge or a dining chair, no matter how stylish its appearance, if it doesn’t feel good, you and your guests won’t want to linger.


Whether you are a traditionalist who loves classical design, or a trendy individual who wants a streamlined look, we offer furniture to satisfy everyone’s style. When determining your preferred style of outdoor furniture, consider an outdoor space that complements your home’s style. Another consideration is how you want to use your outdoor space. If you plan on having separate zones for lounging poolside, serving meals or enjoying great conversations, you’ll want to make sure all the areas coordinate well with each other. 


Before you invest in outdoor furnishings, it is very important to check the details that will give an indication of each piece’s durability. Inspect cushions for even and secure stitching and check the fill to be sure it is substantial enough to retain its shape for years to come. Note the tightness of screws and bolts. Scrutinize the welds. Check for glides that will keep the feet of the furniture from scratching against the ground. Inquire as to the finishes, straps or weaves and how they are applied. 


When you look out on your outdoor space, consider the size of your space and how to situate your dining or lounging areas. If you have a picture-worthy view, take advantage of it by arranging the furniture to look out at the vista. If your backyard is more secluded and intimate, create a dramatic focal point by installing a fire pit for snuggling under starlight on chilly evenings. Your environment will guide what furniture pieces you need and their size. A smaller patio may require fewer, larger pieces, while a large yard provides space for chaise lounges by the pool, a dining set on the patio, and a separate lounge area. 

Replacement Parts

Accidents do happen. Mother Nature swings by. Father Time marches on. Consider what service you might need in one year, five years, or even 20 years from now. Even the sturdiest outdoor furniture are no match for a teething puppy or an enthusiastic toddler with a handful of blueberries. In case of emergency, you’ll want to know you can rely on obtaining replacement glides, cushions or slings.


What if your newly acquired furniture has a flaw? Consider the warranty of the outdoor furniture you are purchasing and compare with other stores and manufacturers’ warranties. Read the fine print for details! 

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