outdoor grills Middlesex county
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Outdoor Grills
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No backyard is complete without a grill. Whether they’re charcoal, wood, or gas grills, there are fewer things better than having a late night summer barbeque.

Gas Grills are the most popular type of outdoor grill, and it’s not hard to see why:

  • Gas grill can easily be used year-round
  • They heat up quickly, and reach optimal temperature within 10 minutes
  • Most models start easily, requiring a simple twist of a valve and the press of a button
  • Temperature is easy to maintain, with the turn of a knob
  • Temperature controls allow you to quickly blast the grill surface with heat after you're done cooking, leaving charred residue that can easily be brushed off later

Charcoal Grills require more work, but have a special craft

  • Gas grills have that quick heat, but even the best flavor bars still can't replicate the smoke and radiant heat provided by hot coals.
  • While a good gas grill can easily exceed 500 degrees F, some charcoal grills can go even higher if properly (and safely) tended. That level of heat isn't for everyone, but perfectionists may find it essential for tasks like searing rare steaks.
  • They cost less than a gas grill of comparable size and quality.

Everyone has their preference when it comes to grill types. Some prefer the easy to use gas grills, while other want the more personalized charcoal grill. Whichever type of grill you prefer, we’ve got one to meet your needs!

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outdoor grills Middlesex county