Telescope Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets in Middlesex County

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St. Catherine MGP Sling | Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets by Telescope

St. Catherine brings simple, durable style to the world of outdoor furniture. It consists of Marine Grade Polymer, a high density polyethylene that is NOT porous. What does that mean for you? Spills like wine, red sauce, or even permanent marker don't leave a markhis! T set is a custom order, so you can choose from thousands of different color combinations to get a unique collection. Purchase this set before August 31, 2017 and you could qualify for FREE Replacement slings! Stop in today to see this American made beauty.
telescope Furniture Middlesex County
MaXX Contour Chaise
This contoured chaise could definitely spell trouble! Sit back and relax or tip backwards for a comfortable recline – you won't want to get up. We're stocking this item in two different colors, but feel free to custom order for your own unique spin!
telescope Furniture Middlesex County
Primera II
It's easy to see why Primera is a popular collection. This extruded aluminum sling chair has classic style with wide arms and seat. Whether you're sitting to dine or relax after a meal, it's incredibly comfortable. Personalize your set with thousands of color combinations. Not only will it be stylish and comfortable, but it will be a durable investment too!
telescope Furniture Middlesex County
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telescope Furniture Middlesex County