furniture covers Middlesex County
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Furniture Covers Middlesex County

Among the best selling styles on the market; each cover made from an exclusive designed Rhinoweave™ fabric is durable, water resistant, breathable, and will not crack or peel. All protective covers are an attractive champagne color fabric. We stock a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Protect your investment with this washable cover.

Umbrellas enhance you outdoor living area with a colorful umbrella to shade you from harmful UV rays while enjoying a cool breeze. You can choose from a colorful rainbow of umbrellas. We have many different umbrellas, whether you are looking for a cantilever, rectangle, or even a square.
furniture covers Middlesex County
Market Umbrellas
These umbrellas are perfect to put into your table, or to put in a base free standing between your chaise lounges for some added shade. They come in two different shapes, octagon and rectangle, with many different sizes.

furniture covers Middlesex County



Octagon umbrellas come in 7.5', 9' and 11' - all with a tilting mechanism to further shade you from the sun.

furniture covers Middlesex County



Rectangle umbrellas are fantastic for elongated tables. We carry them in an 8' x 11' in a rainbow of colors.

furniture covers Middlesex County



Excellent umbrellas designed with the pole off to the side so you can shade your seating area without the hassle of a pole in the middle of your conversational area.

  • 11' octagon, 13' octagon and 10' x 13' rectangle - This umbrella is incredibly versatile. It tilts left or right up to 54 degrees as well as rotating 360 degrees around, giving your easier coverage for more places. These umbrellas come with the base and a cover for the winter.
  • furniture covers Middlesex County
    Don't see something that you love? We can special order any umbrella that Treasure Garden offers, in any size or color combination that pleases you.
    Umbrella Lights
    Luna Umbrella light AND Bluetooth Speaker

    Lengthen your day into the evening with the convience of battery operated lights that attach right to your umbrella stem.
    furniture covers Middlesex County
    Umbrella Stands
    Our umbrella stands start off with at 50lbs - going up to 100lbs depending on your need. They consist of cast iron or cast aluminum materials in a black or bronze finish.
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    furniture covers Middlesex County