20-Pound Losers Share Their Best Advice 

Hearing their personal experiences and the tips and practices that worked for them may work for you too. 

We'll start by mentioning that weight loss is unique for everyone, so what worked for one may not work for you. 

We searched TikTok for success tales. We'll reveal the no-fail tips from 20-pound weight loss success stories.  


Lisa Young, Ph.D., RDN, author of Finally Full, Finally Slim, private nutritionist, and Medical Expert Board member, discussed these practices and why they work. 

Drink greens. She says, "Drinking greens every morning has changed my gut health, especially discovering one with natural probiotics.  

Most importantly, my greens and morning ritual set me up for a good day." 

Drinking greens in the morning can help you lose 20 pounds by promoting satiety, which prevents overeating.  

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