7 Best-Ever Nutrition Tips

Set A carb curfew

Starchy and sweet carbs like quinoa, potatoes, and fruit are allowed on the show, but never after dark. As they, so should. 

Contestants always eat a high-protein, high-fat meal with fibrous vegetables for dinner.

Drink Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh, an earthy-flavored fermented Chinese tea, helps reduce fat cells.

Crowd Out Bad Habits

After seven days, "you will have improved your eating habits over half the week and will feel ready to launch into week two!" 

Make Special Requests

 "Avoid anything fried, sautéed, crusted, or breaded and order dressing and sauces separately,"

Mix Up Your Greens

Try substituting spinach for arugula, leaf lettuce, watercress, or parsley, or combine several greens for a powerful dose of nutrients to fuel your day. 

Ditch Your Food Rules

The craving for vegetables or sugar is because our bodies are smart and need what they need to function well."

Be Practical Not Perfect

What should you eat? "Improving your diet requires practicality, not perfection,"