6 Ways To Get Rid of Back Fat

1. Create a healthy "plan" instead of a diet.

"Reframing how you think about food and eating nutrient-dense foods will help you lose and maintain weight,"

2. Read food labels.

Young says there are many tools to help you understand nutrition labels if you've never done it before.

3. Maintain a balanced diet.

You are what you eat—a proverb you've heard repeatedly but will always remember!

4. Choose active hobbies you enjoy.

Find active hobbies and exercises you enjoy, like hiking, mountain biking, jogging, yoga, kayaking, dance-cardio classes, and snowshoeing. 

5. Strength train.

Strength training can tone your back and other muscles, which boosts your metabolism and helps you lose weight.

6. Kick up your cardio.

No need to ignore cardio. Losing weight requires a good balance of aerobic and strength activity, whether you walk, swim, or hike with your dog.