Berberine a safe and effective way to lose weight

Rapid weight loss methods have grown in popularity over the past decade.

Berberine won't lose weight as much as FDA-approved medicines. In addition, insulin-resistant people will notice its effects more than insulin-sensitive ones.

Dr. calls it "baby Metformin," an anti-diabetic medicine that can help people lose weight if they have insulin resistance.

Again, not all people who take berberine for weight loss succeed. But it can assist patients with insulin dysregulation, which promotes weight gain, lose weight.

"For anyone looking to lose weight, you must first identify the source of weight gain or retention,"

"For hormonal changes, you must treat the cause. Natural weight loss can also protect your microbiota,

which influences mood and neurotransmitter function and can cause hormonal imbalance (cystic acne, anxiety, etc.). 

Your microbiome is another significant factor since it has anti-microbial effects. For people with GI problems like IBS, long-term use should be supervised by a doctor."