6 Best Post-Workout Habits for Muscle Growth

1. Honor Days off

Recovery time is crucial to muscle strengthening. "Workouts cause microscopic breaks in muscles, which will continue to deteriorate if you don't take days off.

2. The 3:1 Rule

You want 3:1 carbs to protein for optimum recovery." Protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats in this spinach, berry, flaxseed oil, and protein powder smoothie regulate blood sugar for hours.

3. Check Your Urine

If your coach didn't instruct you to "train right, pee white," don't underestimate your urine. Yes, you read correctly.

4. Don't OD on the Protein

Protein may be the health industry's golden child, but your body handles it like other nutrients. Like slow-digesting carbs and good fats, more protein is not always better.

5. Hydrate

"Weigh yourself before and after exercise. Drink 24 ounces of water every pound lost."

6. Drink Vegetables, Too

"Vegetables have less sugar than fruit, so they'll keep you full longer,"