Cupcakes with Cannoli Filling 

There's no hard and fast rule against it, but cannoli may look more complicated to make than a batch of cookies or a tub of ice cream. 

There's no rule against it, but cannoli appear harder to make than cupcakes, cookies, or ice cream.  

This unique recipe for cannoli cupcakes balances the Italian pastry shop favorite's legendary flavors with American home bakers' methods. 


I grew up eating these because my grandmother made them often "Recipe developer Jessica Morone. 

. I adore using one dessert's tastes in a new way, and these cupcakes do that: Big cannoli flavors in beautiful cupcake form."  

These cupcakes' "big cannoli flavor" comes from the fact that they're packed with cannoli cream, a surprise that makes them exciting.  

Anyone who enjoys cannoli will like these, kids and adults. I think these would be a terrific party dessert "Morone remarks.  

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