Daylong Energy and Fullness with Superfood Snacks 

While all superfoods have their own health benefits, some are great between-meal snacks because they can keep you full and energized. 

What makes snacks more full and energizing? First, fiber- and protein-rich diets are more filling. 

High-fiber foods don't digest like other carbohydrates, so they slow digestion and make you less hungry. 


Protein-rich foods regulate hunger and lessen cravings. 

Fiber and protein keep you full, which might boost your energy because you won't be hungry or lacking nutrients. 

Avoiding foods with lots of added sugar, which can cause blood sugar crashes and leave people hungry, tired, and sluggish, can also boost your energy.  

This dietitian-recommended list of superfood snacks will keep you satisfied and energized until your next meal.  

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