Exercises for a Lean, Tight Waist After 30

For people over 30—and women in particular—getting a more cinched waist is a common fitness goal. As you age, you may notice a greater accumulation of fat or rolls around your waistline,

This exercise is done with a cable and is amazing for core strength and stability, helping to earn you a lean waist

Next on this list of strength exercises for a lean waist is the core wood chop. You can perform this move immediately after the Pallof press, as it also utilizes a cable with resistance


The cable crunch is another stellar strength movement for your waist and core. "For this exercise, you kneel on the ground with a cable high above your head

The leg lift may sound boring, but when done right, it will provide you with a strong, lean lower abdomen

Finally, we have decline crunches. Start by situating yourself on a decline bench. Lie down, and position your feet under the rolls of the bench.

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