These lovely dogs will make you want to cuddle them

Nashville is home to country music, and also home to some of the cutest dogs in the country. This vibrant city not only resonates with country melodies  

Dog owners in Los Angeles love a freshly-groomed pup. This city stands as a pinnacle of canine glamour. With the glitz and glamour of Hollywood in its vicinity, it's only natural that the dogs in this metropolis 

Boston proudly secures the fifth position as the residence of the nation's most captivating large dogs. Remarkably, Boston's pups shine in the 10th spot for their impeccable grooming 

Charlotte dogs come in 10th place for the cutest faces in America. They're also extremely well-groomed, placing fourth for that category.  


Nestled in Northern California, this expansive city claims the 14th spot for housing the most adorable large canines. San Jose secures its place as the 15th city for the most endearing small dogs 

The Big Apple is home to some of the best groomed pups around, coming in fifth place. Navigating the bustling city streets demands a polished appearance, after all. 

The Windy City proudly claims the top spot for hosting the most adorable small dogs in the nation. With an undeniable charm, these pint-sized companions steal the show.  

There's one thing all residents of Washington, DC vote yes to: cute dogs! The city ranks seventh place for cutest big dogs, but is the first place winner for pups with the cutest faces in all of America. 

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