Good Health Increases Overall well-being measured and self-assessed 

Data collected during real-world work and leisure activities means that evaluation findings can be implemented for maximum impact. 

Firstbeat conducts hundreds of assessments annually in Finland, the UK, Germany, Austria, Sweden, and Hungary.  

Firstbeat analysts evaluated the association between fitness and well-being. Well-being was examined by self-perception and physiological measurement and analysis. 


Firstbeat data and analysis are employed in scientific studies on stress and recuperation, physical activity, and exercise recommendations. 

Research on participant pulse data supports these fitness-wellness judgments. Good or Top-level physical condition participants had reduced daily physiological stress and better recovery. 

Heart rate variability (HRV) is used to analyze firstbeat stress and recovery.  

Only 49% of Poor fitness participants report feeling well, according to the Firstbeat database, which combines a preliminary participant questionnaire with measured and analytic data. 

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