Leading Emotional Support Dog Breeds

In separate studies recently conducted by the Journal of Psychiatric Research and the Journal of Applied Developmental Science 

Additional research has shown that dog ownership also lowers blood pressure, elevates serotonin and dopamine in the brain, and even lowers triglycerides and cholesterol. 

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is on practically everyone's list as a great support dog because of its rep as a "cuddlebug."  

The "clowns" of the dog world, pugs delight nearly everyone they come across with their human-like facial expressions and friendly, fun demeanor. 


These small, charming companions are well mannered, even tempered and do especially well with children.

These medium-sized, regal dogs are not just for show — they're smart, obedient, easy to train and are valued as a wonderful mental health companion. 

Standard poodles are working dogs that love a good challenge, physical activity and that thrive in any environment. 

They are friendly and do well around humans and animal companions alike, but their top priority is their compassion and responsibility toward their owner.

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