Organize Your Home This Fall by Zodiac Sign

As the fall season quickly approaches, many of us may feel a shift in how we want to approach our living spaces. 

Despite your chaotic reputation, you enjoy getting things in order—but it has to be your process. With your ruling planet as Mars, the planet of ambition and drive, 

Getting things in line and organized may sound good, but following through is an entirely different story, right, Taurus 

Sometimes, focusing on one task at a time may be strongly advised, especially with organizing tasks. However, you benefit from doing things a little out of the ordinary, Gemini 


Decluttering may sound like cliché organizational advice, but it’s effective for a reason. Particularly with your sentimental streak, Cancer 

The best way to embrace and remain consistent with organization is to change your perspective, Leo. 

It doesn’t hurt to have a plan when it comes to organizing, right Virgo? To keep your rooms in their best shape, it helps to have designated “zones” with a specific purpose 

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