Regular blunders dog owners make

Going overboard with treats can lead your pup to only react to food and little else.

The temperature inside a vehicle can shoot up quickly, and even a short span can spell danger for your furry buddy.

When your pup acts up, it's best to tackle it right away. Dogs link a reprimand to their actions when it happens in the moment. Getting upset with them after the fact just leaves


Like us, dogs have their own preferences when it comes to rewards. Some go crazy for a game of fetch, while others are content with a good old belly rub.

Certain cleaning agents like bleach and ammonia can be risky for your furry friend. They might soak up the toxins through their paws if they tread on a damp surface, for instance.

More often than not, this is a telltale sign of separation anxiety, not some plot for payback.

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