5 Teas That are Foolproof Bloating Remedies

1. Ginger Tea

Ginger, typically used to relieve stomach pain, suppresses genes and enzymes that cause bloat, according to several studies.

2. Bilberry Tea

Bilberries, a northern European blueberry cousin, may prevent bloat-causing inflammation.

3. Hibiscus Tea

 Enjoy hibiscus tea and watch your dog slowly deflate.

4. Fennel Tea

Fennel, or foeniculum vulgare, fights inflammation, according to research.

5. Lemon Tea

Feeling blimp-sized? Heat lemon tea to relieve bloating. What makes it strong? Dimonene, the main component of citrus peel oil, is often in the brew.

 The extract has been used as a diuretic since ancient times, although there were no scientific studies until recently.