The Upsides of Being a Gemini 

Isn't it possible that "unpredictable" is just a harsher term for "complicated"? 

The brightest stars in Gemini are Pollux and Castor, the sons of Helen of Troy.  

The catch—they both came from separate pairs of boy/girl twins—makes it complicated.  


They were twins, but not together because they weren't born together. They're brothers from the same mother with divine and human fathers.  

Zeus, king of gods, fathered Pollux, who was immortal. Castor was fathered by a human and killed in combat.  

The immortal Castor implored Zeus to reconcile him with Pollux after his death because they grew up together. 

They were reunited for eternity, but they had to spend half their time in paradise and half in the underworld.  

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