Why Gym Appearance Matters 

Getting to the gym is a workout in itself. Everything from family obligations to last night's sleep might derail you 

A new survey of 2,000 regular gymgoers found that 9 out of 10 feel motivated to exercise just by putting on their gear. 

Your workout gear don't only get you to spin class. Performance clothing helps 9 out of 10 people push themselves harder, according to the report.  


“Loving our workout clothes makes us wear them more, which means we exercise more. 

“It takes courage, strength, determination and simply overcoming your own mind to be successful in the gym,” says Life Time Fitness certified personal trainer Andrew C. Barker in San Antonio, Texas. 

Brains love to make you feel exhausted, but it only lasts so long. 

“Most times, that feeling of exhaustion will leave once you start moving around with a purpose,” Barker adds. 

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