Zodiac Sign Who Always Gets Their Way

When they set a goal, they dedicate themselves to achieving it, no matter what," says Cabral. "Their practical approach and patience often allow them to conquer what they desire over time

This sign's motivation makes it good at starting things, and its impatience makes it even better at finishing them.

They're of the earth element, which means they're normally practical and grounded, but they're also ruled by the planet Saturn, which has domain over boundaries


Leos are self-confident, charismatic, and radiate a powerful presence," says Cabral. "Their determination and seductive maneuvers play a crucial role in assisting them

They are methodical, planning, and forthright and the hard work they put in everything is often monitored, calculated, and—for lack of another way to put it—they can prove their work,

There's no doubt Scorpios can be conniving. But that's not the only reason they always get what they want.

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