Zodiac Signs' Guide to Understanding Your Intuition 

Deeply breathe and close your eyes. Notice any sensations—an adrenaline rush, chest flutter, belly calmness.  

This feeling is a direct link to your inner guidance. Trust your visceral signals—your body knows what's right .

Taurus: Deepen your intuition by immersing yourself in nature. Find a quiet park, woodland, or garden. 


Take off your shoes and walk barefoot. Feel the earth under your feet, the breeze on your skin, and the natural world around you. 

This connection to nature's rhythms helps cement your intuitive thoughts in reality.  

Gemini, practice mindfulness in your busy life to improve your intuition. Spend some time daily practicing mindfulness.  

Focus on your breath, watch your thoughts without judgment, and be present. Mindfulness clears the way for intuitive thoughts and feelings. 

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